Disasters have all too often stuck with savage effect on modern society. Despite scientific progress we have been ill prepared to face the onslaught. To escape the effects of such emergencies is not just a matter of common sense or instinct. We need to understand the dangers, be aware of our options and take action to limit the consequences. In short we need a guide that will help us prepare for survival.

Why Prepare for What May Not Happen?

There are two main reasons we need to prepare now. Firstly, we are facing more extreme events that are often related to intense human activity that is upsetting the balance of nature. Secondly, we have at least in the affluent world become solely dependant on the state provision of the basics of life. We need to redress the balance back in our favor if we are to avert severe hardship to ourselves and our communities.

Know the Risks

Fundamental to any safety training is the advice to make yourself aware of the dangers that surround you. If you have ever worked in a very hazardous environment then you no doubt would have heard that said over and over. If you enter a dangerous situation with your brain in neutral you will be a hazard to yourself and those around you. An example is the home. One of the highest accident environments of all. Why, because we drop our guard and fail to take seriously the dangers around us. Yet some of us work on a daily basis in extreme dangers without incident. The difference is that we know the risks and are on guard with our exit strategy in place.

Principles of Survival

In order to survive when a disaster or emergency strikes we need to get the basic priorities right. Of course if we have prepared beforehand then we can fall back on those plans.

The order of priority:

  • Get to a safe environment
  • You need a fresh supply of drinking water
  • You need to provide food to sustain life
  • Long term you need to be mentally strong and balanced

There are of course many other aspect beside these basic steps and the skills we develop will be vital in providing the above basics. Take the next step in our Survival Guide